Policy on Cookies

Once you passed the age verification page, the site will make use of "cookies". Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your device.

Cookies used on the site

The Web site uses cookies for the following purposes:

cookie functionality: cookie that optimize the ease of use of the Site for visitors. A cookie, for example, allows you to store the settings for your country and your language. Without this cookie, you would be subjected to age verification before entering every single page of the site. The cookie functionality that are stored on your device from Petrognola remain valid only for the duration of your session on the Site.

analytical cookies: Petrognola uses cookies for Google Analytics to analyze the use of the Site from visitors and then make improvements to the usability of the site. Google processes anonymously data obtained through the Site. Visit www .google.com / analytics for more information about Google Analytics.

third-party cookies:The Site uses cookies to plug-in social networking of various third parties. This allows you to share the content of the Site on certain social networks. These plug-ins also optimize the ease of use of the Site. Thanks to the plug-in to Facebook, for example, you can register on the site easily, through the details of your Facebook account. Using data collected by third parties through the plug-ins of the social network is determined solely by the third party in question. Petrognola is not able to access those cookies, as well as third parties can not access cookies of Petrognola. To obtain information on third-party cookies, check the policy of the party in question.