100% Farro

Source: La Petrognola Brewery
Style: Speciality Grain
Colour: Golden veiled yellow
Flavour: Fresh and perceptible
Fermentation: High
Alcohol content: 4,0% vol.
Serving temp.: 6-8 ° C
Description: made ​​from malted barley only, it is one of the beautiful rare examples of beer brewed without barley. Certainly the most unique beer of Roberto Giannarelli.  There are the aromas of cereals, citrus, spices, chamomile and crisp notes of baked bread.  In the mouth you can taste cereals, citrus and a typical spicy flavour of spelt.
Finish has citrus, hops and spicy flavours.
Serving suggestions: combine with fish appetizers, crudité, vegetable starters, white meat, and baked fish, is excellent also with quite spicy ethnic cuisine
Recommended dish: Gremolata of baked prawns


Available sizes: Bottle CL.33 and CL.75